Is it True that Women Can’t Do Pull-Ups?

You’d think it’s a leading question, but there’s legitimacy to it.  A recent report in the New York Times checked into it.  It’s a long-standing stereotype that women can’t do it, something that shouldn’t jive with exercise science and much of the can-do attitude modern people have toward everything.  Science tends to affirm to us […]

The 4 Best Neck Stretches at Work

You neck bends into your computer screen every day. Your back aches at the top from the pressure to zoom in and hold your position for hours on end. So what are some easy neck exercises to alleviate pain or keep your neck loose and “long?” These are four of the best neck stretches at […]

Working Your Upper Back for Stress Relief

A lot of people complain of back pain in their lower backs. But what about upper back stretches? The key muscle in your upper back to stretch and work out would be your trapezius muscles. Here, we’ve got four key tips for trapezius stretches and preparing your upper back to go from stress and pain […]

4 Lower Back Exercises during Pregnancy you Should Know

Pregnancy obviously changes your body.  An issue many women have is an assumption they cannot exercise once they reach a certain point in the process.  CTSplace is determined to give you a look at what you can do to not just stay fit, but keep pace with your changing, growing body during the 9 months […]

The Diet for Treating Back Pain

You’ve got to be thinking to yourself: what’s different about the back’s reaction to my diet than any other tendon, muscle or limb on my body? The answer is that the back might be the first affected by either the wrong diet choices or just simple lack of eating. Your back muscles are going even […]

Simple Back Stretches after a Long Day at Work

The computer desk is the work station. That’s our reality. from 9 till 5, most of your time will be in a chair unless you make it a habit of getting up, walking around, taking a water break, refocusing your eyes or doing other small things to keep you awake and comfortable. Regardless, you’ll probably […]

Back Arthritis and Treatment Techniques

Some 5% of all lower back problems is due to inflammation from arthritis rather than spinal injuries like hernia or slipped discs.  One form, axial spondyloarthritis, impacting the junction between the pelvis and the spine known as the sacroiliac joint and typically first impacts people in their mid 20s.  There are a number of helpful techniques, or […]

Chocolate as a Pain-Reliever: How to Use it Right

Chocolate’s been gaining major traction the last few years as a major aid in health.  Contrary to what our good-parenting instincts (and Halloween guilt) might tell us, Chocolate apparently has a number of tremendous benefits as so long as you don’t go overboard (i.e., don’t have chocolate products with tons of trans fats!).  What are […]

Getting Rid of the Muscle Knots in Your Back: The Easy Solution

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of awkward, finely placed knots in tights spots on my back.  I’ve been dealing with one for over a month now, and my PT-sister-in-law isn’t always around to help me ‘untie’ by problems. What are they? Muscle knots are also called trigger points.  This is important in general, especially […]

Prepare your body before birth to prevent long term back pain| Newborn Care

As a mother of 4 children, I could relate very well to the following piece. Just because pregnancy is so prevalent and mainstream, doesn’t mean that it cannot have long term effects on our bodies. Let me correct that – every woman knows the long term effects pregnancy has on our bodies, sometimes the lesser […]