3 of the Best Computer Ergonomics Products

The best computer ergonomics products aren’t necessarily the most innovative.  They will be modifications of common commodities for the work place.  The following three items should be at the top of your shopping list when optimizing your office – they take some adjusting, but they won’t just make you feel better, but bring a fresh […]

3 Points on Better Posture to Fight Carpal Tunnel

The human body is a well-integrated machine.  If one gear is out of alignment, the engine won’t be able to carry the body for as many miles.  We hear about carpal tunnel prevention as well as preventing back pain all the time.  But we rarely connect the two.  Good posture is a critical element of […]

Ergonomics: What is it?

A glove is made to fit a hand. It’s not meant to fit any hand, though. It fits the hand it was made for. Ergonomics is the theory that makes sure that work places and the work itself fit the people who do the work exactly that way. Ergonomics as an applied science is very […]