The Diet for Treating Back Pain

You’ve got to be thinking to yourself: what’s different about the back’s reaction to my diet than any other tendon, muscle or limb on my body? The answer is that the back might be the first affected by either the wrong diet choices or just simple lack of eating.

Hot back

Your back muscles are going even harder than your legs most of the day. Even if you’re a hard worker, most of that work isn’t on your feet, and you’ve heard everything about correct posture before. Even if your posture isn’t the best, a strong or at least energized back can keep you going. But as the days wears on, your back will get tired from tensing up or keeping you straight – unless you’re eating the right stuff.

So what can you do to make sure your back is getting the nutrients and foods it needs to get through the day? And don’t worry, none of this keeps you from having your morning coffee.

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits like blueberries are essential to a healthy diet for backs.

Fruits are the best source for random vitamins and minerals, both of which do their own thing to help break down and strain the foods you eat of all their own essentials and energy fuels.

Whole Grains

This doesn’t just mean wheat.  You can go down to the corner deli and grab corn beef on rye – whole rye.  There are a bunch of ways to get this resource, including sandwiches and morning cereal.  Wheat, rye, brown rice, spelt, barley and oats can all function in ‘whole’ varieties, giving you tons of options for lunch.

Whole grains keep your energy up in diets for treating back pain.


Don’t limit yourself to three meals a day.  There’s nothing wrong with eating throughout the day, which will give you a pick-me-up and not burden you with the stress of waiting for dinner time.  Most people cannot sustain the energy from a three-course meal for long.  For many, too big a meal can even slow you down (with things as simple as stomach aches). Again, try to clutch to fresh fruits or even nuts (which carry awesome amounts of protein for those armchair warriors who really make their backs work for that correct posture).

Nuts are a quick snack to keep your back energized.

Other diet tips

There’s a lot in common with what’s written here to the typical ‘balanced diet.’ But here, you can see the direct relationship. Keep your back from tiring out and slouching throughout the day by becoming a beast and consuming all the fresh fruit and whole grains in your path. Don’t be afraid to have small bites throughout the day (and don’t stuff yourself at lunch either!). Check out more of our nutrition tips.

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