4 Lower Back Exercises during Pregnancy you Should Know

Pregnancy obviously changes your body.  An issue many women have is an assumption they cannot exercise once they reach a certain point in the process.  CTSplace is determined to give you a look at what you can do to not just stay fit, but keep pace with your changing, growing body during the 9 months of pregnancy.  The lower back takes a lot of punishment, so it’s vital not just to keep it healthy but actually make it stronger during pregnancy.  As your baby develops, the pressure on this part of the body will bear down, but you can avoid making yourself bed-ridden.

a very pregnant blond woman in a short, black dress struts down kinzie.

1.  Swimming

Swimming is simply the ultimate exercise in all aspects and for all sorts of people – not just for women.  The water is easy on all parts of the body, but the body still has to work hard to keep itself up and afloat.  Simple backstrokes among other things make for an easy time in the pool if you’re “preggers.”  The water gives decent resistance especially to the lower back muscles.

2. Exercise Ball Lifts

This workout is simple enough. Lay your chest on the top of the ball as shown in the video. Then, while clutching the sides of the ball, raise your upper body off the ball and slowly lower yourself back. This exercise works only your back muscles and is focused almost exclusively on the lower half. It’ easy enough and might even be worth using a variation of post-natal.

3.  Standing Clench

Use a wall to support yourself.  You’re going to take your legs out of the equation by using them as buttresses – stick them out just over a foot in front of you with your feet firmly flat.  With the natural curve in your lower back, press it against the wall, straightening your entire back and hold for a few seconds.  Release, relax and then repeat.  This should be slightly easier than the exercise ball, but feelings might vary.  This is not an intense exercise, so don’t make it so.

4.  Pelvic Tilts

Don’t mix this up with the medical concept.  Pelvic tilts are a lying-down exercise, with knees bent and feet flat against the pavement.  Focusing only on your pelvis, lift up the midsection from the floor – your legs will support you.  But be careful, too much time on your back might put too much pressureo n the vein going along your pine: the vena cava.

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