Simple Back Stretches after a Long Day at Work

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The computer desk is the work station. That’s our reality. from 9 till 5, most of your time will be in a chair unless you make it a habit of getting up, walking around, taking a water break, refocusing your eyes or doing other small things to keep you awake and comfortable. Regardless, you’ll probably feel a lot better if you can come home without a stiff back and ready to enjoy your nightcap. So what are the best stretches and exercises to keep you going after a stiff day in a perhaps stiff environment?

1. The Cat Stretch

Get down on all fours and bridge your back upwards toward the ceiling like a frightened cat (think those Halloween images).

Keep going until you either start to feel your back stretching or it becomes too uncomfortable (whichever comes first).  While you might be able to improve your flexibility and reduce pain (if you have it) while doing this stretch, it’s best to be on the safe side and play it conservative.  Hold the position anywhere from 10 to 15 seconds as best you can.  Rest and then repeat a specified number of reps – 8 to 10 times in total.

2. Lower Back Stretches

The cat stretch above is itself a lower back stretch but it’s a distinct one from a collection of them.  Check out this video below for less straight-forward maneuvers that are also very prominent in fields like yoga.

3. Behind-the-Back Shoulder Stretch

This stretch can also be used to determine your own flexibility, say if you’re starting a new workout program. To do it, put one hand at the back of your head above the shoulder trying to stretch it down your back. Move your second arm behind your back but from the lower end and try to meet your other arm. Not everyone can get their hands to touch, but the stretch is still effective. Then relax and repeat with the arms in reverse positions.

Shoulder Stretch

These are only a trio of stretches for the day-to-day office worker.  Check back for more info on extensive exercise routines and the latest back health info.

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