Can Nutmeg Help with Arthritis?

Nutmeg is counted among the several natural remedies, or ingredients to remedies, for pain and anti-arthritic relief.


Nutmeg Oil can be used not just as an ingredient in foods or drinks that will alleviate symptoms of arthritis, but can be applied directly on the inflamed muscles to relax the given joint or tendon. Nutmeg oil is even available in aerosol form. Nutmeg contains the same chemical as cinnamon, which a 2011 Korean study looked deeper into.

Nutmeg Drying on Grenada

Nutmeg can be incporated into your diet in a number of ways, but here are three examples:

1. Nutmeg & Ginger Tea

Be sure not to use too much nutmeg, as its effect can be extremely strong (some even say narcotic!) in high doses. But it can be combined with other known natural remedies like ginger to create something pleasant. A recipe on calls for a pinch of nutmeg plus half a centimeter’s worth of sliced ginger (but crushed). Add in a teaspoon of sugar and a regular teabag or tea leaves. If you like milk, add a couple tablespoons.

2. Pumpkin or Date Honey Bread

Olive Oil Pumpkin Bread

This is a favorite seasonal bread, even more like a cake. It includes other beneficial spices like cinnamon. Various recipes exist, but bet that most will incorporate somewhere between .25 and .5 teaspoons of nutmeg powder. Along with nutmeg and cinnamon, there will be vanilla, ginger and even walnuts.

Date Honey Bread, or Silan Bread, incorporates similar ingredients. Dates also have a lot of potassium, known for its pain-killing properties and helpful role in long workouts for intense athletes.

3. Nutmeg supplements


Natural health stores might carry nutmeg pills, to be used either for detox of the kidneys and liver or for intense indigestion. Nutmeg has been assumed to be a natural remedy against indigestion and even symptoms of diarrhea for some time. It might be worth a trip to the natural foods store to see what they’ve got in the back.

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