Exercise After Pregnancy

Presented below are some exercises that can help lose the pregnancy weight:

  • Abdominal contraction and belly breathing: Sit in an upright position. Hold tight and contract the abs while simultaneously taking in a deep breath upwards of the diaphragm. Relax the abs when exhaling. You may slow increase the duration for which you hold tight the abs. this exercise will help tone and strengthen the abs and abdominal muscles as well as relax them.
  • Walking: Begin with a gentle stroll, which can then be worked up to a power walk. You may carry some weight or your baby in the front to better the benefits of walking. You may also try walking in a zigzag fashion or walk backwards, but without the baby, or till you are certain of maintaining your balance.
  • Shoulder lifts, head lifts, and curl-ups: These exercises tone up the abs and abdomen, toughen the back muscles, and burn calories.
  • Head lifts: Lie with the back flat on the floor, the legs bent at the knees, the feet flat on the ground, and the hands on the sides. Inhale and let the tummy relax. Now exhale and gradually lift the neck and head off the ground. Then, lower the head back while simultaneously inhaling.
  • Shoulder lifts: Get in a head lift position as discussed above, but with the hands behind the neck. Inhale relax the tummy. Now exhale and gradually lift the head and shoulders off the ground, without the hand pushing at the neck. Then, go back to lying position while simultaneously inhaling.
  • Curl ups: Perform this exercise only after you are able to complete 10 reps of shoulder lifts. For a curl-up, get in a head lift position as discussed above. Now, lift the trunk till it is midway between the floor and the knees. Hold for 2 to 3 seconds and then slowly go back to the lying position.
  • Kegels: It helps lower the risk of incontinence and tones the bladder muscles. This exercise involves contracting and holding the muscles that control the outflow of urine. To find those muscles, temporarily stop the outflow of urine during urination by manipulating the muscles. Once you identify the muscles, regularly contract and release those muscles, at least ten times a day.
  • Kneeling pelvis tilt:  This exercise strengthens the abs, tones the abdomen, and alleviates back pain. Get into an all-fours position with the palms facing downwards and touching the floor and toes also touching the ground. Ensure that the back is straight and relaxed and not curved. Now, pull forward the buttocks, rotate the pubic bone upwards, and tilt the pelvis. Hold for 2 to 3 seconds and then come back to the original all-fours position.

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