3 Important Second Trimester Stretches

The second trimester is a welcome change from the first for a lot of women. Even though you’re starting to get bigger (yey, baby!), you’re body is much more adjusted to the major biochemical and hormonal changes that were taking place in the first. For some, vomiting reduces significantly. Like we said, you’re starting to show, so that means the physical pressure on certain parts of your body is going to get greater. Staying loose will be extremely important going forward to prevent aches, pains and resting too much.


1. Lower Body Runner’s Stretch

Get into an exaggerated runner’s stance, with one leg straight back and your heel off the ground; the other leg should be bent at nearly an angle of 90 degrees with your knee straight above your ankle. Extend both arms outward and inhale as you wave your arms upward, stretching your back and tipping your head back. Then reverse that motion and swing your arms first forward and then behind your back and exhale. Simultaneously with the second motion, bend your back forward as seen in this video:

2. Forward Lunges

Second Trimester stretches: lunges

Get into the same runner’s stance, this time with your arms to your sides or hands on your hips. If it’s your left leg that is set back, bend the left and lower yourself until you’ve nearly achieved a right angle with your upper leg and your torso. Repeat up to 30 times per set.

3. Squats

Second trimester exercises: squats

These are certainly something that could be considered a stretch as much as they could function as an exercise. Squats will work your legs and lower back at a time that you will just begin to start feeling more pressure there. If you start to do these exercises later, they probably won’t be as effective and also be a lot more difficult with the added size of the baby in your midsection.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms extended outward. Slowly crouch down with your butt outward and back. Do not do a simple crouch – this is the mistake many people make doing a squat. Lower yourself as much as you can and then lift yourself up. Repeat 10 to 12 times per set.

General Tips:

No Back Bends and No High-Impact Sports

As you grow, it’s vital not to lie on your back as often as you would otherwise. Going with this hand in hand, it’s important not to exert too much pressure on your back by doing any exercises that would have you laying down.

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