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As a mother of 4 children, I could relate very well to the following piece. Just because pregnancy is so prevalent and mainstream, doesn’t mean that it cannot have long term effects on our bodies. Let me correct that – every woman knows the long term effects pregnancy has on our bodies, sometimes the lesser spoken about issues can actually become the worst to endure. I would rather have stretch marks than terrible back pain!

The last pregnancy I would be walking and then suddenly my knees would crumble – the baby hit a nerve and I literally couldn’t move then. This article highlights 10 ways babies can cause chronic back pain.

Toward the end of your pregnancy you may notice increasing back pain. Welcome to motherhood! There are various causes for the pain you may experience…/10-ways-babies-cause-chronic-back…

Nobody wants to go into labor with chronic back pain – you will want to prevent long term back pain, so you can focus on the one important thing you need to – Your new baby!

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