4 Forearm Exercises for Preventing Carpal Tunnel

Photo Credit: mrflip on Flickr

Forearm Exercises are an essential aspect of preventing carpal tunnel syndrome.  If you’re not a gym buff, it’s okay. Look at it this way, you’ll be preventing a common problem and gaining some strength you otherwise wouldn’t have had. It doesn’t take much not only to have strong forearms and strong wrists, but also to […]

New Alternatives to Carpal Tunnel Surgery


A new procedure called the Manos System, or “Manos carpal tunnel release system,” is being performed to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrom (CTS – that’s right, our blog is the place to be for carpal tunnel news).  It’s promising faster recovery time and a higher rate of success than other surgical methods for fixing CTS.  Instead […]

3 Points on Better Posture to Fight Carpal Tunnel


The human body is a well-integrated machine.  If one gear is out of alignment, the engine won’t be able to carry the body for as many miles.  We hear about carpal tunnel prevention as well as preventing back pain all the time.  But we rarely connect the two.  Good posture is a critical element of […]

Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Prevention is always better than cure, but if you do have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, there are different treatments you can try. The most tempting option when your wrist hurts would be to pop a couple of pain killers and get on with your work. However, while pain killers will help the pain subside for a […]