Coffee: The Renaissance Drink


Coffee is addictive, putting itself on a list of increasingly scolded products that consumers love but shouldn’t have so much of.  But that reputation is more the fault of other, more caffeinated products whose effects combined with sugar and possibly other stimulant drugs can be overload for a lot of people: “A learned taste for […]

Mocha for the Aches? Coffee as a Pain-Reliever

Espresso on Coffe Beans

Caffeine isn’t intuitively a pain-reliever.  Some people see it as something that will get you high-strung.  It drives you through stressful situations, but other than that could cause problems.  Not so, say the good scientists, at least the ones at National Institute of Occupational Health and Oslo University Hospital in Norway.  In a brief study recently […]

Safety At Work

Your first day on the job – the first time you are sitting down at the computer you will spend a good part of your life staring at. Did anybody tell you that you might be courting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, though? Every job, no matter how safe it seems, has its risks, even desk jobs. […]