Your Long Commute Could Be Giving You Health Problems

The road to the office is rarely a short one — just ask anyone who commutes by car to work. Popular roadways become congested, and traffic slows to a crawl. Solo drivers may also find themselves bored and uncomfortable behind the wheel for long lengths of time. If this image resonates with you, you are […]

There are a lot of people who think that blackheads are usually caused by having excess dirt on the face mixed in with sweat. Do remember that blackheads and whiteheads are usually caused by having excess skin that takes place on the skin. Usually, this skin turns black when it is exposed to sunlight and […]

Is It Carpal Tunnel or Something Else?

Most people use a computer at work and also spend a lot of time on digital devices in their leisure time. So it’s no wonder carpal tunnel has become a common ailment in our society. Most people know a friend, colleague or family member who has suffered from this painful condition. With its rising visibility […]