5 of the Best Leg Exercises to Bulk Up

The legs are often ignored by gym-goers.  If your pants cover them up, what’s the point in working them out if you can’t show them off? First off, this ignores the beauty of shorts!  Second off, exercising the legs can actually have more of an immediately positive impact on your body than arm exercises (though […]

Is it True that Women Can’t Do Pull-Ups?

You’d think it’s a leading question, but there’s legitimacy to it.  A recent report in the New York Times checked into it.  It’s a long-standing stereotype that women can’t do it, something that shouldn’t jive with exercise science and much of the can-do attitude modern people have toward everything.  Science tends to affirm to us […]

Fighting Off Arthritis during your Workout

Intense exercise, especially weight training, invites a vulnerability to arthritis, carpal tunnel and various other forms of strain on muscles and tendons.  We at CTSplace.com understand that this is an ongoing battle and cannot be completely covered in a single article.  So this will be the first in an ongoing series in our coverage of […]

Is Weightlifting Changing?

Is the nature of weightlifting changing? That question’s starting to seem mute considering how obvious it is. It’s common thought that you need to lift heavy for it to be effective or that endurance athletes don’t need to spend any time in the weight room themselves. Neither idea pans out: minimal workouts can put your […]