Flexing Your Flexors: Exercising Your Hips to Avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries

There’s more to your butt than just the gluteus maximus.  Check out that gluteus medius.  That’s right, I said it.  Gluteus medius weakness is the main reason for a number of repetitive strain injuries and overuse injuries in the lower half of the body.  The medius is the second largest of the three that make […]

The 4 Best Neck Stretches at Work

You neck bends into your computer screen every day. Your back aches at the top from the pressure to zoom in and hold your position for hours on end. So what are some easy neck exercises to alleviate pain or keep your neck loose and “long?” These are four of the best neck stretches at […]

Simple Back Stretches after a Long Day at Work

The computer desk is the work station. That’s our reality. from 9 till 5, most of your time will be in a chair unless you make it a habit of getting up, walking around, taking a water break, refocusing your eyes or doing other small things to keep you awake and comfortable. Regardless, you’ll probably […]