Laughing: Good for the Soul?

It would be redundant to talk about laughter’s psychological power.  laughter may be the best medicine indeed when feeling depressed or bored.  It wakes us up.  It gets us going.  It gets us smiling.  Now, is it a form of exercise?  Exercise certainly is renown for changing our moods for the better.  But will the […]

Myths about Exercising when ‘Knocked-Up’

Erica Ziel is a motivated woman.  She is the creator of the Knocked-Up Fitness series of exercise DVDs for pregnant women.  She was recently featured in the New York Times where she had a few choice comments about myths and perceptions about how to go about staying in shape when expecting.  The aptly named Ziel […]

Arthritis at 20? Runners and Athletes Can Change their Routine

Arthritis is something we usually associate with the late 30s – at the earliest.  But maybe because of hte proliferation in IT and high-tech jobs, the symptoms are showing up much earlier.  It can come as a shock that arthritis might manifest so suddenly, but 20-somethings who’ve experienced any of these symptoms would be quick […]

Getting Rid of the Muscle Knots in Your Back: The Easy Solution

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of awkward, finely placed knots in tights spots on my back.  I’ve been dealing with one for over a month now, and my PT-sister-in-law isn’t always around to help me ‘untie’ by problems. What are they? Muscle knots are also called trigger points.  This is important in general, especially […]

Could You Have Adult ADD? Might It Affect Your Relationships?

The idea’s been out there for years but adults are still ignorant to the possibility that they, even fully grown, are prone to a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).  The condition is normally associated with children, so much so that web searches will instantly return results about the suitability of such a wide diagnosis […]

Can Ritalin Treat Depression?

Can Ritalin treat depression?  It’s often a reported side-effect of Ritalin that depression is actually causedby the focus drug.  But Ritalin shares a lot in common with anti-depressants like Zoloft, mainly that they both fall in the category of stimulants. It can be that sometimes someone who wants to treat ADD is also using anti-depressants. […]

Biologics Continue Showing Off their Power against Rheumatoid Arthritis

Biologics are an increasingly popular technique for treating rheumatoid arthritic (RA) patients.  Many are designed to treat RA or other forms of arthritis, but also are prescribed against anemia and psoriasis.  What exactly are biologics? Biologics are genetically engineered proteins derived from human genes. They are designed to inhibit specific components of the immune system that […]

Are Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue the Same Condition?

That’s the question two researchers tried to answer, and they are arguing they are distinct.  Is chronic fatigue syndrome the same illness as fibromyalgia: Evaluating the ‘single syndrome’ hypothesis is the recent work of Bhavna Abbi and Benjamin H Natelson in the Quarterly Journal of Medicine.  Their abstract goes as follows: Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and […]

Relieving Back Pain & Exercises during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautifully painful journey.  Building a new life certainly can take the zip out of the mother’s, so looking for a way of combating the inevitable back pain that comes with the extra weight of the growing baby.  Some mothers are satisfied looking for ways to control the pain or alleviate it.  But […]

Clinton Administration passed the long awaited OSHA Ergonomics Program Standard + MORE

The world of ergonomics might have had its most important month ever in November 2007. “Big deal,” you say! Maybe, maybe not. In early November, the Clinton Administration passed the long awaited OSHA Ergonomics Program Standard. The Standard has been in the works for almost 10 years, initiated by Elizabeth Dole during George Bush’s term. […]