Flexing Your Flexors: Part 2

This is Part 2 of a set of articles on hip stretches and exercises.  Check out Part 1. The other day we discussed a growing awareness and change in approach toward hip exercises.  Hip Flexor Exercises need to be focused and concentrated.  It is difficult to work many muscle groups at the same time as the [...]

Important Shoulder Stretches to Come Out Swinging

5 Basic Shoulder Stretches at Work

You wouldn’t think it’s neglected, but shoulders don’t get the attention they deserve.  When we correct our slouching in the desk chair, we focus on our backs.  But the shoulders hang everything in place.  Like the pull to the butt’s push, the shoulders stabilize your torso and keep your neck aligned.  With all that and [...]

3 Important Second Trimester Stretches


The second trimester is a welcome change from the first for a lot of women. Even though you’re starting to get bigger (yey, baby!), you’re body is much more adjusted to the major biochemical and hormonal changes that were taking place in the first. For some, vomiting reduces significantly. Like we said, you’re starting to [...]

Is Ginger an Enemy of Arthritis?


This is part of a series of herbal remedies for arthritis; check out last week’s article on cinnamon’s anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties. It’s not a phenomenon of modern medicine that a number of household spices and sweets are being used to fight inflammation and arthritis.  Like cinnamon, ginger is a spice that’s been used for [...]

The Most Common Knee Injuries: Part II


This is a continuing series on knee injuries, highlighting the most common and introducing you to the best treatment options; check out Part I. Knee pain mostly affects athletes, but really it can hit anyone for a number of reasons.  However it happened, you’ll want to know what’s ailing you so that you can properly [...]

3 Points on Better Posture to Fight Carpal Tunnel


The human body is a well-integrated machine.  If one gear is out of alignment, the engine won’t be able to carry the body for as many miles.  We hear about carpal tunnel prevention as well as preventing back pain all the time.  But we rarely connect the two.  Good posture is a critical element of [...]

Laughing: Good for the Soul?


It would be redundant to talk about laughter’s psychological power.  laughter may be the best medicine indeed when feeling depressed or bored.  It wakes us up.  It gets us going.  It gets us smiling.  Now, is it a form of exercise?  Exercise certainly is renown for changing our moods for the better.  But will the [...]

Myths about Exercising when ‘Knocked-Up’


Erica Ziel is a motivated woman.  She is the creator of the Knocked-Up Fitness series of exercise DVDs for pregnant women.  She was recently featured in the New York Times where she had a few choice comments about myths and perceptions about how to go about staying in shape when expecting.  The aptly named Ziel [...]

Arthritis at 20? Runners and Athletes Can Change their Routine


Arthritis is something we usually associate with the late 30s – at the earliest.  But maybe because of hte proliferation in IT and high-tech jobs, the symptoms are showing up much earlier.  It can come as a shock that arthritis might manifest so suddenly, but 20-somethings who’ve experienced any of these symptoms would be quick [...]

Getting Rid of the Muscle Knots in Your Back: The Easy Solution

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of awkward, finely placed knots in tights spots on my back.  I’ve been dealing with one for over a month now, and my PT-sister-in-law isn’t always around to help me ‘untie’ by problems. What are they? Muscle knots are also called trigger points.  This is important in general, especially [...]