3 Important Second Trimester Stretches

The second trimester is a welcome change from the first for a lot of women. Even though you’re starting to get bigger (yey, baby!), you’re body is much more adjusted to the major biochemical and hormonal changes that were taking place in the first. For some, vomiting reduces significantly. Like we said, you’re starting to […]

The 4 Best Neck Stretches at Work

You neck bends into your computer screen every day. Your back aches at the top from the pressure to zoom in and hold your position for hours on end. So what are some easy neck exercises to alleviate pain or keep your neck loose and “long?” These are four of the best neck stretches at […]

4 Forearm Exercises for Preventing Carpal Tunnel

Forearm Exercises are an essential aspect of preventing carpal tunnel syndrome.  If you’re not a gym buff, it’s okay. Look at it this way, you’ll be preventing a common problem and gaining some strength you otherwise wouldn’t have had. It doesn’t take much not only to have strong forearms and strong wrists, but also to […]

Working Your Upper Back for Stress Relief

A lot of people complain of back pain in their lower backs. But what about upper back stretches? The key muscle in your upper back to stretch and work out would be your trapezius muscles. Here, we’ve got four key tips for trapezius stretches and preparing your upper back to go from stress and pain […]

4 Lower Back Exercises during Pregnancy you Should Know

Pregnancy obviously changes your body.  An issue many women have is an assumption they cannot exercise once they reach a certain point in the process.  CTSplace is determined to give you a look at what you can do to not just stay fit, but keep pace with your changing, growing body during the 9 months […]

New Alternatives to Carpal Tunnel Surgery

A new procedure called the Manos System, or “Manos carpal tunnel release system,” is being performed to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrom (CTS – that’s right, our blog is the place to be for carpal tunnel news).  It’s promising faster recovery time and a higher rate of success than other surgical methods for fixing CTS.  Instead […]

Fighting Off Arthritis during your Workout

Intense exercise, especially weight training, invites a vulnerability to arthritis, carpal tunnel and various other forms of strain on muscles and tendons.  We at CTSplace.com understand that this is an ongoing battle and cannot be completely covered in a single article.  So this will be the first in an ongoing series in our coverage of […]

Can Nutmeg Help with Arthritis?

Nutmeg is counted among the several natural remedies, or ingredients to remedies, for pain and anti-arthritic relief. Nutmeg Oil can be used not just as an ingredient in foods or drinks that will alleviate symptoms of arthritis, but can be applied directly on the inflamed muscles to relax the given joint or tendon. Nutmeg oil […]

The Diet for Treating Back Pain

You’ve got to be thinking to yourself: what’s different about the back’s reaction to my diet than any other tendon, muscle or limb on my body? The answer is that the back might be the first affected by either the wrong diet choices or just simple lack of eating. Your back muscles are going even […]

A New Way to Fight Tennis Elbow: Eccentric Movement Stretches

What exactly are the best tennis elbow stretches and what are “eccentric stretches?  I played softball in an adult league for the first time this past spring.  At 26, I was the youngest guy on my team, but it had been nearly 10 years since I’d played organized baseball back in high school.  I still […]