Flexing Your Flexors: Part 2

This is Part 2 of a set of articles on hip stretches and exercises.  Check out Part 1. The other day we discussed a growing awareness and change in approach toward hip exercises.  Hip Flexor Exercises need to be focused and concentrated.  It is difficult to work many muscle groups at the same time as the […]

Flexing Your Flexors: Exercising Your Hips to Avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries

There’s more to your butt than just the gluteus maximus.  Check out that gluteus medius.  That’s right, I said it.  Gluteus medius weakness is the main reason for a number of repetitive strain injuries and overuse injuries in the lower half of the body.  The medius is the second largest of the three that make […]

Important Shoulder Stretches to Come Out Swinging

You wouldn’t think it’s neglected, but shoulders don’t get the attention they deserve.  When we correct our slouching in the desk chair, we focus on our backs.  But the shoulders hang everything in place.  Like the pull to the butt’s push, the shoulders stabilize your torso and keep your neck aligned.  With all that and […]

Coffee: The Renaissance Drink

Coffee is addictive, putting itself on a list of increasingly scolded products that consumers love but shouldn’t have so much of.  But that reputation is more the fault of other, more caffeinated products whose effects combined with sugar and possibly other stimulant drugs can be overload for a lot of people: “A learned taste for […]

The Mental Benefits of Exercise

I remember in college when I asked a professor how he was able to read two books a week, he responded, “The brain is (like) a muscle.  You need to exercise it.  The more you do, the more you can lift.”  And so I try to live that way.  Sports science and psychology have been […]

What are the Most Common Repetitive Strain Injuries? How to Fight Them?

Carpal tunnel syndrome gets the most attention of all the most common repetitive strain injuries.  It’s frustrating when you scour the web for new information on these injuries.  Much of the methodology for treating them hasn’t changed.  Little research has come out to combat the three injuries we mention below: radial tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome and cubital tunnel […]

5 of the Best Leg Exercises to Bulk Up

The legs are often ignored by gym-goers.  If your pants cover them up, what’s the point in working them out if you can’t show them off? First off, this ignores the beauty of shorts!  Second off, exercising the legs can actually have more of an immediately positive impact on your body than arm exercises (though […]

Is it True that Women Can’t Do Pull-Ups?

You’d think it’s a leading question, but there’s legitimacy to it.  A recent report in the New York Times checked into it.  It’s a long-standing stereotype that women can’t do it, something that shouldn’t jive with exercise science and much of the can-do attitude modern people have toward everything.  Science tends to affirm to us […]

5 Injuries Made Possible by Modern Technology

Modern technology has changed the way we’ve lived. YOU’VE HEARD IT ALL BEFORE. What’s important on this website about that fact is it also changes how you get injured at work, or when you’re having fun, or when you’re out at the club (which may not be as fun to some people as it is […]

Healthy Soda? 7 Strange but Real Ways Soft Drinks are Getting Better

Soda has an interesting history.  Before it became the bane of healthy beverages, its origins were in the American pharmacies in the late 19th century.  It was an amalgamation of pharmacists that experimented with different, exotic ingredients to create cure-all, feel-good drinks.  It was the combination of the coca leaf and the cola bean that […]